KOREA E-VOTING is aimed at a rational and efficient corporate culture.
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    No dress code
    No forced company dinner
    overtime work at night
    work on weekends

    KOREA E-VOTING respects and supports each individual member. Show your ability with pleasure and comfort.
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    Reasonable and efficient communication through regular meetings

    On the third Tuesday of every month, KOREA E-VOTING hold a meeting with all employees. As all the members of the company talk together, it will be a faster and more effective communication opportunity.
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    Fellowship programs such as workshops and cultural life

    All the employees are together! Workshops with delicious food and enjoyable cultural life are another pleasure to find in KOREA E-VOTING.


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    Active talent contributing to the sustainable growth of the organization

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    Talent who can be harmonized with organization members

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    Talent who are not afraid to fail


Legal welfare

  • Image Social insurance
  • Image Working five days a week
  • Image Annual paid vacation
  • Image Retirement pension
  • Image Health checkup

Employee benefits

  • Image Employee incentives
  • Image Support for family affairs
  • Image Various Events
  • Image Support for self-development
  • Image Special vacation